‘Washed by wind’ [book review]

A review of Strange Flowers by Donal Ryan Sometimes life calls for a beautiful book. The kind you can sink into with a sense of relief, or gratitude. The kind that’s filled with vivid strokes of language, painting a place and its people into existence. The kind that fills you with a certain not-unpleasant ache,Continue reading ‘Washed by wind’ [book review]

‘My eyes were open in the dark’ [book review]

A review of A Ghost in the Throat by Doireann Ní Ghríofa Isn’t this, in the end, what literature is for? This sense of connection, of shared understanding – a feeling that runs deeper than common background or mutual experience and rests, instead, in what it is to be human. This creation of something soContinue reading ‘My eyes were open in the dark’ [book review]

‘The endless geography of loss’ [book review]

A review of The Weight of Love by Hilary Fannin Given its average novel size, The Weight of Love is a heavy book. Hilary Fannin’s prose reverberates with loss – a deep, haunting pain that settled into my bones as I read. In a relatively simple story about relationships gone wrong, Fannin explores the complexityContinue reading “‘The endless geography of loss’ [book review]”

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