Independent Press Profile: V&Q Books

In light of the recent lack of bookshops, I’ve started a new series in which I profile my favourite independent publishers. These are some of the most exciting addresses when it comes to finding original ideas, literature in translation and voices that are underrepresented in the mainstream. Each one is more than deserving of supportContinue reading Independent Press Profile: V&Q Books

‘It depends what you focus on’ [book review]

A review of I Belong To Vienna by Anna Goldenberg, translated from the German by Alta L. Price It is an unparalleled joy to read a book set in a city with which you are deeply familiar – and in particular for me when that city is Vienna. I no longer live there and IContinue reading ‘It depends what you focus on’ [book review]

‘Solche Häuser sind ein Fluch’ [book review]

A review of Das Gartenzimmer (The Garden Room) by Andreas Schäfer I was intrigued as soon as I heard about it: Andreas Schäfer’s new novel, Das Gartenzimmer. Set in Berlin’s Dahlem neighbourhood, it sweeps right across the twentieth century, charting the rise and fall of several characters associated with one of the villas for whichContinue reading “‘Solche Häuser sind ein Fluch’ [book review]”

‘Wir sind Meister der Perspektive’ [book review]

A review of Die Richterin (The Judge) by Lydia Mischkulnig ‘We are masters of perspective,’ says a court interpreter to Gabrielle, the main protagonist and titular judge of Lydia Mischkulnig’s new novel Die Richterin. He is speaking of the two of them, and the work they do in trying to establish what is real andContinue reading “‘Wir sind Meister der Perspektive’ [book review]”

‘What was eternal in us was all that would last’ [book review]

A review of The World of Yesterday: Memoirs of a European by Stefan Zweig, translated from the German by Anthea Bell My old flat in Vienna was in Stefan Zweig territory. Just around the corner, where I would stand to wait for the bus, a plaque on a stone façade announced that he had livedContinue reading “‘What was eternal in us was all that would last’ [book review]”

The Monthly Booking: June 2020

After last month’s desert theme, I’m moving into June with no reading plans grander than trying to clear a few titles from my to-be-read pile. The fact that I often buy books and take for ever to get round to reading them has nothing to do with having changed my mind, but more with thereContinue reading “The Monthly Booking: June 2020”

‘A world both fleeting and eternal’ [book review]

A review of The Great Homecoming by Anna Kim, translated from the German by Jamie Lee Searle There are several countries with which I have an enduring fascination, despite – or perhaps because of – the fact that I have never visited them. A relatively recent addition to this list are the Koreas, North andContinue reading “‘A world both fleeting and eternal’ [book review]”

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