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‘The difference between people and rivers’ [book review]

A review of The Book of Shanghai, ed. Jin Li and Dai Congrong Literature is unquestionably one of the best ways to get under the skin of a place, and if you’re keen to explore one city in particular it is equally incontestable that the superb ‘The Book of . . .’ series by CommaContinue reading “‘The difference between people and rivers’ [book review]”

The Monthly Booking: August 2020

In my last post I mentioned that August is Women in Translation Month – the perfect opportunity to explore some of the incredible literature being written and translated by women (and support some independent presses while you’re at it!). Although I will be reading a couple of these titles in the coming month, my actualContinue reading “The Monthly Booking: August 2020”

‘There is no other place in the world like the Sahara.’ [book review]

A review of Stories of the Sahara by Sanmao, translated from the Chinese by Mike Fu The very first time I read about Sanmao I was smitten. Remembering her aunt in an article for Words Without Borders, Jessica Chen conjured up a character so enthralling that I found – still do find – it hardContinue reading “‘There is no other place in the world like the Sahara.’ [book review]”

The Monthly Booking: May 2020

It appears that this month I am dreaming of far-off places, places that are vast, often inhospitable and to a certain extent unknowable. My starting point when putting together my monthly reading list was ‘desert’, and while a couple of these books have a rather tenuous link to the subject, they have all ended upContinue reading “The Monthly Booking: May 2020”